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Rickard Larsson

Rickard Larsson
0725 18 88 77

The Polaroid Image/Spectra One Switch is a wide-format instant camera that’s perfect for anyone who wants a flexible format they can experiment with - from complete beginners to experienced instant photographers. It has been carefully refurbished and fitted with a new Impossible frog tongue to shield photos as they exit the camera. Works with Impossible Image/Spectra-type film (sold separately). The Image/Spectra uses a ‘cinematic’ rectangular film that’s wider than standard 600-type (9.2 x 7.3 cm vs 7.9 x 7.9 cm). The One Switch model comes with built-in electronic automatic focus and flash as standard, plus simple controls for adjusting exposure levels, to give you a brighter or darker image with ease. Hold the camera vertically to take a longer-length portrait, or horizontally to capture the scope of a landscape.

Tillverkare: Impossible
Brännvidd: 125
Inbyggd blixt: Ja
Batteri: Powered by batteries
Bildformat: 92 x 73
Film typ: Cinematic rectangular film

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