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Rickard Larsson

Rickard Larsson
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Fredrik Johansson
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Erik Landsberg
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Hans Högberg
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A 25 patch test target that gathers more information about the camera's exposure characteristics than the previous test target. It consists of two sides: An 18% Gray Card used to custom gray (white) balance digital cameras before profiling; A Profile Target consisting of a central 18% gray patch that is surrounded by 24 patches arranged in 1/6th stop values that are successively brighter and darker.

The Exposure Profile Target II offers faster, more accurate testing as it requires only three shots to gather a wide range of exposure data from the camera's imaging system. The first shot is made at the normal, metered exposure determined by a Sekonic L-758DR. The second shot is made at -3EV below the metered exposure and the third shot at +3EV above the metered exposure. Please refer to the illustrations on the next page.

To profile your camera and lens combinations, the Exposure Profile Target II is fully compatible with FREE Data Transfer Software and the L-758D, L-758DR, L-758Cine, L-478D, and L-478DR light meters. The result is total exposure accuracy.

Tillverkare: Sekonic
Kategori: Ljus tillbehör
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