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ZEISS Loxia 2.4/85 has been designed for digital sensors. Based on an optimized ZEISS Sonnar design, it has seven lens elements in seven groups. With the ZEISS Loxia 2.4/85, we have managed to develop a well-rounded and new interpretation of the original ZEISS Sonnar optical design, that meets all the requirements of digital photography and videography.

The lens has a minimum object distance of 0.80 meters and a manual focus ring with a rotation angle of 220 degrees, enabling the subtlest variations of focusing. The large aperture of f/2.4 combined with the high-quality optical design ensures an appealing bokeh. The electronic interface transfers both lens data (EXIF) and focus movements, and activates the magnification function of the camera if desired by the user. Precise manual focusing with hard stop and the mechanical setting of the aperture (working aperture priority mode) provide sophisticated photographers who don’t want to leave everything to the camera abundant possibilities for composition.

Also suitable for cine applications:

With the well-known De-Click function of the ZEISS Loxia lenses, the optics company is also targeting videographers. The De-Click function allows to mechanically deactivate the click stops on the aperture ring — a condition for silent and smooth adjustments of the aperture. As a result, the ZEISS Loxia 2.4/85 is also an attractive lens for video cameras that have an E mount, such as the Sony PXW-FS7 and PXW-FS5. A robust metal barrel, the filter diameter of M52 (which is identical across all focal lengths) and protection against penetration of dust and spray onto the lens mount complete the entire package. In addition, the external diameter, which is uniform across all ZEISS Loxia lenses, simplifies film shoots.

ZEISS Loxia lenses can also be used with a follow focus system. Made of high-quality aluminum with a hardened surface coating, the ZEISS Lens Gears are slid onto each respective lens and, through simple mounting, attached to the focus ring of the lens by turning two rings that each go in the opposite direction. Supplemented by a follow focus system, precise focusing is therefore possible and ZEISS Loxia lenses become endowed with similar features as a full-scale cine lens.

Manual full frame lenses for Sony a7 cameras. The lightweight Loxia® lenses from ZEISS give you the best of both worlds: The fantastic creative possibilities only available with manual focus and the benefits of modern full frame photography from the Sony a7 camera series. Let your creativity run free.

High precision

Precise and durable construction, low weight.

The functionality of the Loxia lenses is perfectly matched with the camera functions of the Sony a7-series.

Perfect for photography and video

High quality images thanks to proven optical design.

Automatic activation of the magnification function when turning the focus ring.

Optional switchable aperture lock, allowing for smooth adjustment in video mode.

Consistent 180° focus rig rotation for all lenses in the series.

High quality construction

Robust, all-metal construction for many years of use.

Grippy focus ring for fine manual adjustment.

A special gasket at the mount protects the connection between camera and lens.

The flexible all-rounder.
Compact and light, this lens shines in many applications. Regardless of whether it’s for street photography, portraits or spontaneous discoveries, the ZEISS Loxia 2,4/85 is the ideal companion for photographic and filmic exploration.



Tillverkare: Zeiss
Kategori: Objektiv
Objektivtyp: Prime
Brännviddstyp: Tele
Objektivfäste: E (Sony)
Kompatibla objektivfästen: E (Sony)
Bildstabilisator: Nej
Autofokus: Nej
Motljusskydd: Yes, included
Linseelement / Grupper: 7 / 7
Bildvinkel: 220°
Närgräns: 80
Största bländare: f 2.4
Minsta bländare: f 22
Brännvidd: 85
Diamete in mm: 62.5 MM
Vikt: 594 G
Filter diameter: 52 mm
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